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February 25 2014


The rate consumption of protein for muscle building - Best Muscle Building Program

The rate consumption of protein - Norma protein intake depends on age, sex, level of physical activity, a person's metabolic rate. On average, a person must be from 0.8 to 2.4 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight per day own. For example, a woman who participates in sport can consume about 1-1.5 g protein / kg body weight (depending on the load), men who have power kinds of varieties and bodybuilding - up to 2g of protein / kg body weight.

 How do you determine the amount of protein needed for muscle growth for you? Different nutritionists may recommend different amounts of protein. For the most accurate rates of consumption of protein is necessary to start with the minimum recommended amounts (e.g., 1.5 g / kg dead weight) and look at the result. If one month and more visible progress (provided regular training and high (higher than the calculated norm) total caloric intake) - is enough protein, if no progress is possible to increase the amount of protein.
 Notice a very important condition for muscle growth is the total caloric intake. If you eat enough calories for the day, the amount of protein will not give muscle growth; the bodies will simply nowhere to take the building material. To calculate the daily caloric intake for muscle growth using the same formula as for losing weight but when typing weight average consumed 500 more calories than consumed. Again, the estimated figure will need to engage with the empirically.

The bad news for vegetarians - Muscle Building Program For womens

Do not forget about the nuts - almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and peanuts. They contain protein apart and healthy fats, which are not produced by the body, but play an important role in metabolism. Amino acids that make up proteins, are interchangeable (can be synthesized by the body) and essential (the body must get them from food.) Proteins, which lack the essential amino acids are called inferior, whereas those in which sufficient essential amino acids - high-grade. The bad news for vegetarians - all vegetable proteins are defective, while complete proteins found in foods of animal origin. http://www.muscleseek.com/

Best amino acid compositions have meat and eggs. Proteins are also classified according to the degree of assimilation by the body. Again, animal proteins (meat, milk, and eggs) are digested better than vegetable (beans and nuts). For example, egg protein is absorbed almost completely, and protein from the beans by 30 - 40%.
It is worth noting that the increase digestibility defective proteins may be using them together with full. For example, the meat can be served with a side dish of lentils / chickpeas and vegetables, pastries add crushed chickpeas (or chickpeas flour) and cottage cheese. Eating diverse, you cannot worry about sufficient grade protein from food. Vegetarians should also be especially careful to plan your menu, look for alternative sources of essential amino acids.

How much protein should be present in the menu - Muscle Building Program Reviews

When building muscle mass is important to know how much protein should be present in the menu, as well as what foods contain the highest amount of protein. Proteins - organic substances, consisting of chains of amino acids. In 1g of protein contains 4 calories (kcal 3 including the cost of assimilation). Drinking adequate amounts of protein is especially important for people involved in sports. http://www.muscleseek.com/

During exercise in muscle tissue appear microfractures that are overgrown with the participation of amino acids during rest and recovery, accompanied by the consumption of protein foods (of which the body and takes it necessary building material). Foods with high protein content: - meat, poultry, fish, egg whites, dairy products, legumes, nuts. The table indicates the product with the highest protein content, when planning the menu should also use the table of contents of fat / carbs and calories in a particular food product.

 As can be seen from the table, while building muscle mass can be used not only animal protein - meat, poultry, fish and dairy products often legumes (vegetable protein) is not inferior to them in the amount of protein per 100 grams. Eating beans as a side dish, you can increase the amount of protein in their menu deserves special attention chickpeas. In appearance it resembles a large pea, but does not have the typical taste of peas. It can be used as a garnish, in salads (instead of canned peas, which are made by adding sugar) and mash (hummus). Chickpeas sold in almost every major supermarket ("Crossroads," "Bill," "Dixie", "Auchan", etc.) and in the markets in departments with cereals and legumes.

Squats on the shoulders - Muscle Building Program

Squats on the shoulders - a basic exercise that is always included in the program to build muscle and increase strength, it is imperative to include in her workout exercises for legs. Only someone who performs squats on his shoulders boasts a strong back and good form buttocks. According to men, women pay attention primarily on the broad back and bulging biceps, but, as it turns out, "banks" are losing their appeal in the absence of a good view to the rear. http://www.muscleseek.com/

When the need arises to carry a girl on the hands from the first floor to the fifth, the only strong legs and back (squat and deadlift) will be able to help you with this. Important note for beginners: squats on his shoulders instead to make you stronger, can take the opportunity to train for a long time.
Without proper technique, you can easily injure your back, knees, and anything - even break your neck! If you cannot take at least a couple of lessons from an experienced coach, make friends with the guys in the room and ask the most experienced adjust your technique as well as by the errors are always visible. Typically, help can be found at all times. Proteins for building muscle - animal and vegetable content in foods - The main components of food are proteins (proteins), fats and carbohydrates.

How often to develop abdominal exercises - Bodybuilding Program

How often to develop abdominal exercises? Is it worth it to train daily press? 48 hours - the minimum time required to restore the abdominal muscles. You can coach them through the day, each time to do different exercises for each zone press. Daily rock press does not make sense. Squats on the shoulders - Squats on the shoulders - the best and most effective exercise for bulking feet, which includes work the whole body. With squats, you cannot just pump the gluteus, quadriceps and hamstrings, but also add strength and weight back, press, shoulders and whole body! http://www.muscleseek.com/

Learn the proper technique; you can not only set records in the hall, but to become truly strong! Very often in the gym during rush hour can be seen live all around the bench for the bench, as if there handing chest like Arnold Schwarzenegger, at half price. At the same time experienced trainers in bodybuilding in one voice say that the bench press improves the only one - the bench press.
 After benching some athletes also decide to work your biceps and finish the workout pumping calf muscles - and because you need to take care of your feet! So rejoice in the same that the squat rack is almost always free and without problems we can become stronger and more until everyone else shake "banks" and twisting to make the press, ready for beach season.

February 20 2014


Strenuous workout for strong man competitor - Muscle Building Program Reviews

This dumbbell possessed grip zone, whose width is close to 10 cm, which makes this really challenging discipline matter how soon convinced a large part of competitors. More than half of them failed to get the barbell in the correct position, or either one, or just once. A big contrast to the performance of David Currently probably the best among amateur strongman (not a problem for David to lift 150 kg or log gear and hit over the head dumbbell 85 kg) 70 kg dumbbell with a little effort, tossing and became the undisputed winner of the discipline with the number 8 reps up to one minute!
The finished tied for second place with 6 repetitions and Michal Other successful were David, George and George - all thanks to 5 valid trials enrolled split points for third place. Super Yoke - carrying 330 kg load The final test of strength, but speed was carrying iron construction at the back - the Super Yoke. The best runner with extreme load 330 kg proved Michal Plum, which took place designated 20 m in just 12.35 seconds. The performance is all the more impressive that Michal the right to during last year's Super Strongest man messed up vertebrae and this discipline made him big problems. Strenuous workout but it made its strongest and defeated the entire starting field! Approximately 3 seconds slower was David with a time 15.47 and after it ended (16.25).

Various power lifting Competitors - Muscle Building Program Review

In short pause, in which some viewers in the audience came to compete and try to see who keeps outstretched longer 12 kg kettle bell heavy (iron ball with a handle) Competitors were able to add liquid to swallow a few pieces of fruit or other snacks and could return on the set, where they prepared yet diligent loader 400 kg (as was written in the rules, but many of her estimated at 450 to 500 kg) tire. This "piece" was also very "chunky" - a smaller diameter and a width indicated that it will not so easy to get this tire to the stage where it can no longer easily tip over. http://www.muscleseek.com/
The task was a time limit of 60 seconds to perform as fast as four turns, but several competitors with it unfortunately did not manage to get off the ground, eventually it within the time limit overturned only two or three times. However, to find a number of guys who have a "steep" tire advice very well, so again a fight for every second. Unrivaled conqueror 400 kg rubber became prints that showed precise technique coupled with exceptional dynamics and power of a 4 turn mastered in just 20.94 seconds. Not far behind Michal finished with a time of 27.53 and scored points for second place. Mentioned fight for second occurred on the third - 5th place - the names and times of the competitors will tell: Jan (31,99), Michal S (33.15), David (33.82). Dumbbell Lift - lift 70 kg dumbbells The penultimate discipline that organizers had prepared for strongmen, lift the dumbbells from the country above his head cocked to the arm.

What is an impressive performance in lifting - Muscle Building Program

George showed an impressive performance (5 reps) and Jan (6 repetitions). King of the discipline became David and Michal who both managed 7 reps Which is a time limit of 60 seconds is really an achievement worthy winner. Interestingly, sparking concerns about the contestant's health was moving gear style "over the " by David Jana, which will soon see the video. Fortunately, the unconventional style of David witnessed and walked around without injury.http://www.muscleseek.com/

 Farmer's Walk - carrying 110 kg and 155 kg of luggage Traditional discipline to carry weight in the style of "shopping bags" with a weight of over 100 kg there is almost no competition. This time waiting for the racers 2 sets of luggage The 110 kg lighter and heavier over 155 kg The lighter was necessary to pass 20 mass those heavier 10 m set 155kilosuitcases were lined with delight as they handle luggage was really low, so off the ground total of 310 kg and was put into motion the easiest task. Of the 17 strong men with only seven managed to bring suitcases along both routes and so completely finish this combination. Among the best battle broke out lined every second, as seen from the performance of George Dermal (21.62), George prints (21,25) and Jana (20,22). It's probably not a surprise performance by Michal who seemed born to run with a heavy weight in each hand. His performance - first 20 meters to 220 kg in the hands of + 10 m with 310 kg in just 18.84 seconds - a truly fantastic and a full complement of 17 points really deserved.

Championship in strongman amateurs - Muscle Building Program Review

Championship in strongman amateurs Saturday, 17 August waited a few hours in the afternoon before the Olympia shopping center in assembly of seventeen amateur strongman hot piece of parking Which is at the corner slowly began to perform massive pieces tools and other heavy objects. The fairness of the race came to take care Ham in the role of referee and took with him several experienced team members who helped to ensure the smooth running of the competition. After the racers gathered together properly greeted and exchanged a few words, went to warm up to the race.http://www.muscleseek.com/

 Exactly at the scheduled time of 15 hours, everything was ready and the Championship of the United States strongman amateurs could begin. Competitors therefore time to fight for the title of champion of the Czech Republic amateurs, so the more valuable points for the series Bohemian Strongman Cup 2013. Axle Lift - lift 120 kilograms gear Starting discipline was a massive stroke gear, or if you want the axle on which it was loaded 120 kg. Five inches thick and smooth axis certainly examines many a brute force property racers. According axis parameters and the course looked disciplines where the transfer axis on the chest and subsequent extrusion into the hands literally suck the energy out of quite a lot of competitors. Several of them are prescribed Axle for 60 seconds or failed to overcome once and most ended at 3 reps. A little better on were Michal Plum and SIRŮČKA, who both scored 11 points for 4 valid repetition.

Keep improving in power lifting and strongman - Muscle Building Program

Keep improving and see great performances certainly performed by Slovak athletes he Ukrainian professional or Austrian Gerald The motivation for competitors, as in previous years also unusually high financial premium. Traditionally get the chance to compete for valuable prizes spectator disciplines and interested audience, in the category of men, women and children. Promoter annually changing competitive disciplines and also adds new pieces of competitive equipment. After the giant a massive gear this year will be a discipline that at the end of the competition will squeeze the last remnants of the competitors will test their strength and fitness and resistance to fatigue. http://www.muscleseek.com/

What is this in Teplice, you can look forward to? Competitive events: Axle Lift - Lifting gear for maximum power (120 kg to 10 kg above) Farmer's Walk - carrying 170 kg of luggage at a maximum distance Tire Flip + Stone Lift - flipping tires 450 kg + 200 kg lift a stone pedestal Power Stairs - stroke 200, 240 and 280 kg weight stairs Truck Pull - attracting 8.5 t truck sitting Medley - carrying 90 kg wheels, 120 kg and 170 kg drum of the Iron Cross Long time and Slovak's most successful competitor brace cast and Endeavor injury that it was accompanied by a few months, ninth place. Thanks to the whole organizing team competition director and VATAHA, mayor of Michigan, under whose auspices the competition took place.

The world’s strongest man - Bodybuilding Program

The world’s strongest man Power lifting and Strongman We invite all fans of extreme strength feats on competition Strongest man 2013, which as in previous years, you will see the biggest and strongest strongman from the Czech Republic but also top athletes from Slovakia, Austria and Ukraine. Competition will be held on Saturday 14th September, from 14 hours before swimming hall in Teplice This year, however, the competition will take place in a different format than it was in the years 2009 - 2012 when, in the morning of the measured forces and amateur strongman afternoon was dedicated professionals of high performance division. http://www.muscleseek.com/

This year the invited athletes will compete in one open category, and as the organizer of the contest, while the winner of the previous five years Jan has already completed an active competitive career and take the role of a referee this time, we know this year a new winner Teplice Strongest man. Who is a candidate to win? The list of invited riders promises exceptional performance and incredible fights. One of the favorites is definitely experienced strongman Svoboda, whose performances can watch on our server through its training The promise of exceptional performance will name Siam , which this year has demonstrated its extreme static strength, for example, in the Town , where he outsmarted with 270 kg RAW bench-press, or in, where he showed RAW dead lift with 390 kg. Furthermore, the present example, last year's winner of the Czech Cup strongman

February 19 2014


. Inflammation of the heart muscle stiffness immune complications prominent spine

Says professor and chair of the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, the stiffness spine, is a rheumatic disease that affects men, by more than the ladies, and the illness usually begins in the second and third decades of life, and leads to the occurrence of pain down back, and these pains are most at idle to movement, such as early morning or after sitting for a long time with pain and improve movement. http://www.muscleseek.com/

Department of Rheumatology that in cases of non-early diagnosis increases inflammation and pain until it reaches the cervical spine, also affect the auricular pelvis and shoulders and, in many cases, when the delayed diagnosis, and the diagnosis is wrong as cartilage in the vertebrae and warranted surgical intervention does not improve the patient's condition. The doctor explains that the immune system disease stiffness of the spine leads to complications to the members of the body such as the occurrence of fibrosis in the lung and infections of the heart muscle and digestive disorders and bowel. Indicates a "fair" that must to diagnose Action rays regular rays ringing on the joints of the spine and pelvis, and there will be signs in the height of inflammation in blood, such as the speed of deposition C-reactive protein, and when you confirm the infection must work sessions Physiotherapy and diligent practice swimming.

 Advised by administration of anti-inflammatory drugs and some drugs that contain sulfa derivatives, in the case of lack of control over the disease is taking some biologic therapies are even control the inflammation and symptoms disappear completely. The doctor recommended patients who suffer from pain in the lower back, and improve with movement and increased comfort pain, should consult with rheumatic Specialist, not a doctor bones or brain nerves, so the diagnosis is not as cartilage and is the surgical procedure.

Eating carrots, oranges, prevents clogging of the heart muscle

Revealed the latest studies, which was conducted during the ten years to 20 thousand volunteers that plants with orange protect against clogging of the heart muscle, and reduce infection by 26% so that deals with a person 25 grams per day of fruits and vegetables orange, while the white they protect from strokes by 9% with the intake of 25 grams or more per day.  http://www.muscleseek.com/

The study showed that this pigment or substance that gives plants the different colors they are protected from insects that attack them and mold as it helps the human body to protect cells and protect it from a range of diseases, which belong to two families two major family of carotenoids, known as " carotene" are given the color orange in carrots, apricots / Red found in tomatoes, an antioxidant which protects the protein and DNA and blood.

Causes for the decline of the heart muscle and how to prevent them - Best Muscle Building Program

Spend about 200 thousand people die annually as a result of infection of the heart muscle decline, and developing countries suffer from the spread of this disease is a result of poor medical conditions, or even a lack of interest in the patient's health habits as a result of a lack of culture. A consultant cardiologist, blood vessels, the disease drop heart muscle is the injury caused by a group of disorders, whether an increase or decrease heart rate, causing the infection, and the disease is a chronic disease, and may reach complications of the disease to death. http://www.muscleseek.com/

The average age of those with the disease in 55-year-old patient has been infected with this infection for years without showing any symptoms, although they appear with age, or upon a great physical effort, or exposure to surgery. The symptoms of the infection, as shown in the form of a crisis of breath, and often much of the crisis through the night, as well as fatigue from less effort, in addition to the swelling of the feet, and abdominal pain, and nausea and dizziness, and that the lack of pumping blood to the body's organs. The complications of infection, weakens the heart muscle may amount to angina resulting from the failure of the coronary arteries, plus it displays the patient to the risk of extended stay at the hospital to put under the care and attention, was up to the extent of death, plus it may make it unable to about life in general.

And he said, adding that those who suffer from this disease in some developing countries suffer from poor ordinary life, where represent the environment that surrounds those 60% of their health gets worse, leading to increased complications of the disease, chronic angina, or narrow the coronary arteries. Advised that the treatment of depression myocardial require periodic follow-up and periodic disclosure, especially those over the age of forty, or who have hereditary cases the family, in addition to maintaining adjust blood pressure, and follow the diet program, if the patient is suffering from weight gain, and periodic follow-up If the patient is suffering from a chronic disease such as diabetes, or high-fat, or any bug her influence on the heart muscles sore or people smoking for long periods of time.

Obesity causes hypertrophy of the heart muscle and reduces functions in children - Muscle Building Program Review

There is no doubt that obesity is a major threat to the heart and lead to many diseases such as diabetes, pressure, cancer, obesity has become a threat to the health of many children. Obesity has a bad effect on the heart and blood vessels, which cause obesity are some changes in the size and function of the heart muscle, although it does not appear in a clinical at a young age but the effect appears remarkably at an early age in adult life, therefore illustrated the importance of diagnosis and treatment of health problems resulting from obesity at an early age to reduce deaths from heart disease in adults. http://www.muscleseek.com/

The Institute conducted research on the impact of obesity on the heart muscle and functions, and have found that obesity caused inflation in the heart muscle and reduce heart function in obese children, and here it is clear the importance of the discovery of any defect in the heart muscle caused by childhood obesity and weight reduction in obese children with the importance of a guiding lines in the search for the level of fat in the blood and to detect the level of sugar in the blood of obese children.
And must maintain a proper weight of the child through proper nutrition, which require that the family is a good example of a child can through changing the behavior of food by reducing fatty foods full of sugars and simple to reduce food outside the home, such as fast food and eat more fruit and vegetables and habitual child to eat small candy and exercise regularly.

Inflammation of the heart muscle may lead to bloody clot

When the feeling of inflammation of the heart muscle, may feel the individual number of symptoms such as pain is defined in the chest or a sense of the pulse is normal or having pain congestive heart, all this leads to a number of problems with heart. http://www.muscleseek.com/

Explains tourist Specialist heart disease National Institute for the heart, saying: the feeling of inflammation of the heart muscle leads to a number of health problems such as poor power to pump blood and thus the lack of oxygen to the body with the emergence of a number of blood clots in the heart, it follows upon occurrence of a stroke or heart which occur more in men more than women with a swelling in the foot and fatigue year, and was the cause months of this disease is rheumatic fever and viruses: Faulting ultrasound virus that causes the common intestinal influenza virus and rubella virus.
Explains it may become infected individual inflammation of the heart muscle when exposed to chemicals because they contain a number of substances such as hydrocarbons in addition to some medications that cause a reaction called like some antibiotics. refers tourists to the importance of orientation to the doctor when you feel one of the following symptoms the mother of the chest and shortness of breath with the knowledge that there are cases respond to treatment with cortisone and the patient may return to normal life as soon as the decline of the inflammation, but the doctor has advised to avoid excess salt in food, alcohol, smoking and violent activities, thus easing pressure on the heart.

Lower muscles back pain threat to your health - Muscle Building Program Reviews

The treatment of low back pain: every disease of the mentioned earlier treatment of its own, and if treated error will increase it either, "So only able to diagnose the disease and then treat is a doctor, not friends and family, and beware of obey behind the famous saying the wrong (Ask the experimenter nor doctor), but there are general instructions for the patient lower back pain, but these instructions for proper also to keep on his back and avoid injury later, and these instructions are summarized in the following: Do not carry heavy objects (only trained on the piece), especially with the bend in front of any carry from the ground.   http://www.muscleseek.com/

Do not sit for long periods of time constant (more than an hour) every hour of any must-do walk and everyone back and bending of the two sides and turning left and right, so as to renew the activity and back muscles. Sitting in the correct mode prevents a lot of back problems, must be adjacent to a private back below the back of the chair, and heading back to the front of any forbidden to sit in bed asleep (read) or tilted, as it happens in studying in bed. For workers in the field of computers (computer) screen should be placed at eye level is not the highest and not the bottom or on the left or right, which does not computer to the curvature of the neck or back. Develop a small pillow assigned lumbar (back Tray) between him and the back of the chair, especially for those sitting long periods.

Individual pm (siesta), even for a half-hour of renewed vitality cartilage paragraphs. Siesta is sleeping at noon (midday), and napping is not required to include, albeit on condition where a break in the middle of the day. Exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles (not learn these exercises by a specialist doctor). Swim excellent to keep on the back. Maintain ideal weight back avoids most of the diseases. Try to avoid injuries, especially to fall sitting protected from fractures paragraphs. The specialist treatment shall be for each disease separately, including pharmaceutical treatment or Local injection or surgical, will be allocated for each disease, including an article in the post-establishment, and you enough bone pain.

Lower muscles back pain threat to your health - Bodybuilding Program

Lower back pain of the most common diseases, there is no one, whether big or small did not complain in one day of lower back pain, and this is illustrated by advisory bone disease, saying, any of the ten patients come to the clinic bones, including six on at least complain of pain paragraphs, and in spite of the spread of this complaint, but there are quite a few are treated wrongly More details may harm him that will benefit him, and it is due to miss-diagnosis, as we always say, true needed true."   http://www.muscleseek.com/

People with lower back pain usually receive their pain received wrong, some of them receives the symptoms of tension and of great concern and fear of being a serious disease, and detects it is clear that the treatment is very simple, and does not need this much anxiety, by contrast, we find patients careless indifferent, including from pain, the pain may be a warning of the seriousness of the situation and if the neglect continues to be dire consequences. Lower back pain is possible to be suffering severe (i.e., pain sudden severe if it is diagnosed and treated will be cured permanently and without complications, God willing), or chronic (i.e. pain, which back the patient to their existence and coexistence with, and resulting from the problem of the back did not and will not be cured completely but only partially).

Causes of acute pain: "Cramp, slipped disc, inflammation sacroiliac (between the vertebrae and the pubic bone), torn ligaments back, and breaking paragraphs break or chip background paragraphs. Of the causes of chronic pain: inflammation of the joints of the back (roughness paragraphs), backbones, relegating paragraphs, or not to treat any of the causes of acute pain resulting in chronic pain. Must be directed patient once they complain of lower back pain to Specialist bones in the fastest time to be diagnosed the cause of the pain of disease above-mentioned by accurate detection and rays normal (X-ray), and sometimes we need to Magnetic Resonance in order to be cured treatment true.

February 18 2014


A spectacular journey to the muscles - Best Muscle Building Program

Night Effective Proteins: a spectacular journey to the muscles - at night after training! You are trying to increase muscle mass? Then you have to avoid the process of catabolism (breakdown of complex substances to simpler substances, i.e., loss of muscle mass) in your body! A typical example of undesirable decomposition night catabolism Why should however, your muscles suffer through the night? How to ensure growth in their sleep? http://www.muscleseek.com/
The answer is simple: you need a protein that will provide you with all the necessary amino acids while you are away from the gym. You need protein, which is slowly digested and which you will use during the night - at a time that is characterized by prolonged to fasting. Need Amino star CFM Night Effective Proteins! Report this unique slow release and gradually working proteins (whey, casein and egg) to ensure your body everything you need for your muscles

- even during sleep after training. Amino star CFM Night Effective Proteins assembly is slow release and gradually working proteins suitable for the particular period of sleep, but also smart supplementation in the form of a post-workout cocktail. This is a product that is based on an effective combination of protein sources with different useful absorption. These resources are released from their amino acid polypeptide chain sequentially and perfectly serve as long-term balanced amino acid level in the blood throughout their digestion , which may be up to eight hours. Amino star CFM Night Effective Proteins is a mixture of high-quality, rapidly and slowly digestible sources of protein of high biological value.

Maximum recovery after a workout

The pursuit of maximum recovery How does it all work? To ensure a gradual delivery of amino acids in the body, we must use a protein source that is very slowly absorbable. Amino star CFM Night Effective Proteins containing a high percentage of slowly absorbable casein, which is represented as calcium casein ate. casein ate Now this is the essence of night supplemented his digestibility reaches 100%, but the length of absorption is up to 7 hours.

 Casein ate and covers the whole night fasting! Contribute not only to regenerate muscle in his sleep, but especially to maintain and support the anabolic processes that are essential for muscle growth. Casein is, according to recent studies also suitable for post-workout supplementation, when combined with whey protein (isolate) enhances the anabolic response of the organism. The CFM Night Effective Protein are also egg albumin proteins whose biological value reaches 100 numbers, so they are 100% usable for growth and recovery of muscle mass.
Unique and very popular nighttime protein from Amino star additionally offers a synergetic blend of minerals ZMA, which is patent protected synergistically combined mineral mixture. Independent studies at universities in the USA have shown that daily supplementation ingredients in ZMA in a balanced synergistic relationship and bound in the form of highly bio-absorbable monomer thiamine and aspartame increases total and free testosterone levels and growth factor IGF-1.
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