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Drinking coffee in moderation is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the elderly

Revealed a recent scientific study conducted by a team of British researchers that coffee containing caffeine and eating moderately is not excessive in it and is not more than 3 cups a day, may improve muscle strength for the elderly, and enhances the performance, and give it the strength needed to help in the movement and walking and reduce chances of falls and injuries, which often occur at this age. http://www.muscleseek.com/

The study pointed out that the muscles weaken when challenged man's life as a result of changes in physiological many that occur it occurs deterioration in their performance, and therefore recommends that the study everyone, especially the elderly eating foods and drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee, tea, chocolate and soda drinks, especially colas to ensure the enjoyment of the best power and performance muscles. The broadcast of these results in scientific meeting held by the American Society for Experimental Biology in the thirtieth of last month, and recently published a patrol in the World, after a series of experiments and research conducted on mice laboratories.

The researchers said that although the mechanism which works out caffeine is not known, but it remains clear that it helps to stabilize the kinetics of muscle and flexibility and give strength to the movement of walking and practicing various business including working on improving the performance of individuals motor and reinforcement of their forces.

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