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Basis of health in the exercise - Muscle Building Program Review

This is a summary of your message by stating that you exercise jogging years ago, and that you have developed from your powers of endurance in the practice of the sport, and it helped a lot in the weight loss and the liquidation of the mind, and was asked about nutrition tips that enable you to practice this sport without damaging your body and without the return The increase in body weight also as you have in the past. The basis of health in the exercise of such types of sport is to develop a program of exercise includes time, duration and note the interaction of your body with it and take note of any complaint of pain in the joints or chest or shortness of breath and attention to the process of warming up to be included in doing effort physical and gradient also when you stop.

 Attention to nutrition is another important, and the system is intended to usual daily diet, as well as the nutrition program in times of sport marathon. And outs of daily nutrition tips to include the usual concern for the intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, and eating red meat twice a week, as well as fish twice a week and take care to stay away from animal fats and selection of dairy-free or low-fat. In case you are interested in the practice of sports activities, special for example, it is important to attention next to the body to provide the necessary help to do exercises on the sport and what it takes to participate in the body if the competitors for sports participation and achievement you feel good. And to exercise daily for an hour, for example, are advised to provide worthwhile body fluids and provide the body with adequate food. At the side of the fluid, it is important in order not to get a state of drought has been caused by the body if the quantities of liquids exert physical effort. Before the start of the exercise sure to eat an adequate amount of water, and after it is completed compensate the lack of the body, any measure body weight before and after the completion of the exercise, and all decreases by about half a kilogram compensated by drinking about a liter of water approx. In the food side, the focus is on providing the body starches to sugar as a source of fuel for muscle action, and the greater the duration of operation of the muscles, the greater the need for fuel.

Examples of food products that contain them: preparing fruits and foods of wheat grains such as bread, rice, and starchy vegetables beans and potatoes, as well as milk and yogurt. So before the start of the exercise, a snack rich in carbohydrates and during a workout drink fruit juice or a slice of toast or any sports drinks rich in carbohydrates. After the completion of the exercise, drink fluids rich in carbohydrates and protein to compensate for the lack of energy reserves in the muscles.

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