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Exercises daily for the prevention of lower back pain

The practice exercises D (stretch) muscles stretching and strengthening daily best steps that can be taken to delay the seizure of the following lower back pain. When raging case of lower back pain, do not most men be able to do anything other than the instrument on their teeth or search for a cure cold to relieve pain and waiting for the situation has improved. And suffered four out of every five of us from lower back pain at some point in their lives, but this is a common source of suffering is an opportunity for treatment as well.Calisthenics «The case of acute low back pain is considered as an invitation to take the first steps for those who are not accustomed to exercise regularly», this is what it says Dr. Jeffrey Katz, a professor of orthopedic surgery and medicine at Harvard Medical School. http://www.muscleseek.com/

He adds: «It is a perfect time to pledge exercising, when you start to feel a relative improvement - especially in a few weeks». It is important here to understand that it is not guaranteed that exercise eases lower back pain you are experiencing. But despite that, the exercise may reduce the times of occurrence. Dr. Katz says: «Maybe at least have the possibilities of worsening lower back pain over the following years». But in the case of whether the pain is caused by a problem in the spine, then you should be very careful in the exercise.One of the most common signs of infection associated with the problem of the spine in «sciatic nerve pain» or «sciatica» (Sciatica), and pain that extends from the lower back to the leg. The pain may be accompanied by a sense of «tingling screws and pins». If you have sciatica sweat, do not start a new exercise program without consulting a doctor. Signal risk in limited cases, it may be lower back pain «danger signal» portends the need to take a medical procedure immediately, in the event that none of the pain of the following forms:

 Pain in the lower back is accompanied by fever Pain is not getting better or getting worse Numbness in the thigh Loss of control over bladder or bowel Weakness of the leg muscles Inability to take out a sitting or sleeping comfortably at times feeling the pain of the lower back When can I start exercising? Bedding for an extended period is not something useful in periods of peak lower back pain, but you should not rush similarly in practice exercises to extend and strengthen the muscles, according to the research. «If I suffered a bout of pain at the bottom of the back and tried to exercise the next day, it would not be useful». Instead, you have to continue your daily activities as soon as possible, but avoid lifting heavy weights and participate in physical activities receive a sudden pressure on your back, such as jogging or ice cliff.

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