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The muscles of the chest - Latest Muscle Seek Program

The muscles of the chest Do chest muscle is one of two muscle groups, divided according to their origin. Muscles in the surface layer, which are the origin of limb and expand their beginnings to the chest and autochthonous chest muscles (own chest muscles) below. The muscles of the chest, due to its location still assign the diaphragm (diaphragm). Muscles Muscles pectoral is major (the large muscle pectoral) , according to its beginning is usually divided into three parts: the pars (starting on the medial side of clavicle), pars (sternum and adjacent parts of the first 6 ribs) and pars abdominals (the rectus abdominal muscle sheath ).  http://www.muscleseek.com/

It accepts the homers (crystal Majors tubercle of the homers). The insertion of the tendon of each of the cross, so that the uppermost clavicle portion of the muscle attaches to the homers and the lowest front and abdominal portion of the maximum and back (as if you squeeze clothes ...
or someone else: Functionally, a distinction also by its parts, i.e. by storing muscle fibers: Clavicle - helps with flexi arm and keeps it in her other two arm (i.e., attracting the body of her stretched out) and rotate it to the internal rotation when the arm the external rotation (due to "rewind as spin": o)). Likewise, acting muscle when the arm is fixed, but varies thus hull: adduction of the arm

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