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Macroscopic muscle building - Muscle Building Program

Macroscopic muscle building The following series of articles is prepared just for those of you who want to become familiar with the building of human muscle as such, i.e. not only look at them in the mirror as well grow externally, but also know how to muscle looks at what principle works, what it can hurt more to protect him from unnecessary damage, etc. Today we begin to look a little "more distant" macroscopic view.  http://www.muscleseek.com/

Musculoskeletal In the body occurs around 600 muscles, most of them are paired and indicates that occupy 40-50% of the total body weight for a trained individual . Otherwise, this figure may drop to 30%. For men is normally 36% and women 32%. Of the total muscle accounts for about 55% weight on the leg muscles, around 30% of the weight of the upper limbs and about 15% of the head and torso. Muscle consists of about 70% water and about 20% is protein, the remainder of the muscle is enhanced amounts of other substances (such as various forms of, lipids, etc.).
The actual physical system consists of a passive apparatus - bones (skeleton), which adds momentum active apparatus - the muscular system. It is based on striated muscles, which can control the contraction will. Other types of muscle cardiac muscle and smooth muscle It is part of the wall above all the internal organs and blood vessels (not subject to the will and is controlled by the autonomic (vegetative) nervous system).

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