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Internal abdominal oblique muscle - Bodybuilding Program

Starts with the last eight ribs (five teeth alternate’s beginnings Serrate anterior and three more starts last Doris) and clamped mainly through in lineal alba. When bilateral contraction of the rectus abdominals Synergist, when unilateral action bows on the side of the spine and muscle rotates in the opposite direction. Participates in abdominal straining Muscles oblique intern us abdominals (internal abdominal oblique muscle) is the middle layer of the lateral abdominal wall muscles. From the very beginning of the fascia and back from hip bone to the fantail fibers diverge forward.

Moving in which cleaves in two sheets forming the front and rear rectus sheath and clamped to the linear alba. Part of the muscle is still clamped in the last three ribs. The function is similar to the but performs rotation of the torso to the side of the muscle. Transverse abdominal muscle) produces the deepest layer. It starts on the 7th - 12th rib, back and iliac fascia. Bundles run like a belt around the abdomen and moving in which forms the posterior part of the vagina rectus and attaches to the linear alba.
 Muscle participating abdominal straining and abdominal respiratory movements and rotation of the torso Dorsal muscles Square lumbar muscle starts at the hip bone, leading in depth at the back of the abdominal cavity along the spine and ends on the 12th rib. For two-sided action tilts lumbar spine and unilateral bowing her. Furthermore, his fixation on the 12th ribs allows the contraction of the diaphragm. Other muscles of this group are superior

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