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The bad news for vegetarians - Muscle Building Program For womens

Do not forget about the nuts - almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and peanuts. They contain protein apart and healthy fats, which are not produced by the body, but play an important role in metabolism. Amino acids that make up proteins, are interchangeable (can be synthesized by the body) and essential (the body must get them from food.) Proteins, which lack the essential amino acids are called inferior, whereas those in which sufficient essential amino acids - high-grade. The bad news for vegetarians - all vegetable proteins are defective, while complete proteins found in foods of animal origin. http://www.muscleseek.com/

Best amino acid compositions have meat and eggs. Proteins are also classified according to the degree of assimilation by the body. Again, animal proteins (meat, milk, and eggs) are digested better than vegetable (beans and nuts). For example, egg protein is absorbed almost completely, and protein from the beans by 30 - 40%.
It is worth noting that the increase digestibility defective proteins may be using them together with full. For example, the meat can be served with a side dish of lentils / chickpeas and vegetables, pastries add crushed chickpeas (or chickpeas flour) and cottage cheese. Eating diverse, you cannot worry about sufficient grade protein from food. Vegetarians should also be especially careful to plan your menu, look for alternative sources of essential amino acids.

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