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Squats on the shoulders - Muscle Building Program

Squats on the shoulders - a basic exercise that is always included in the program to build muscle and increase strength, it is imperative to include in her workout exercises for legs. Only someone who performs squats on his shoulders boasts a strong back and good form buttocks. According to men, women pay attention primarily on the broad back and bulging biceps, but, as it turns out, "banks" are losing their appeal in the absence of a good view to the rear. http://www.muscleseek.com/

When the need arises to carry a girl on the hands from the first floor to the fifth, the only strong legs and back (squat and deadlift) will be able to help you with this. Important note for beginners: squats on his shoulders instead to make you stronger, can take the opportunity to train for a long time.
Without proper technique, you can easily injure your back, knees, and anything - even break your neck! If you cannot take at least a couple of lessons from an experienced coach, make friends with the guys in the room and ask the most experienced adjust your technique as well as by the errors are always visible. Typically, help can be found at all times. Proteins for building muscle - animal and vegetable content in foods - The main components of food are proteins (proteins), fats and carbohydrates.

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