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World champion ship of strong men

For the six contestants this burden was already too, so do goals in 60 seconds to arrive not enough. The final sum from third place rejoiced David silver from took them to George and the title of amateur champion managed to carve Michal Thanks Thanks are CNF IFSA President, the contest is organized and financed, and the Olympia shopping center in, which contributed financially and in the form of prizes for competitors. http://www.muscleseek.com/
Thanks also to the Director OC and OC Templin leadership, which was the main partner of the event. We firmly believe that in strongmen still in the future, sometimes we go. Sais would like to thank all competitors, partners, assistants and organizers for their help and support in the year strong men Slovak Cup 2013. See you next year. Whey Isolate + + egg albumin and micelle casein in perfect proportion as Extra fit Long 80 World cup of strong men (Michigan) 2013 - Invitation ] Have this Sunday 18th August, in World Cup held strong men, who organizes the Slovak association of powerful men.
The event is named after General Partner - OC World Strongman Cup 2013. As the name itself suggests, the competition will take place in the parking lot in front of the department store OC located Thanks mainly include the General Partner OC and competition director VATAHA and They have contributed to the fact that it champions from all over the world "give away" just

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