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Strenuous workout for strong man competitor - Muscle Building Program Reviews

This dumbbell possessed grip zone, whose width is close to 10 cm, which makes this really challenging discipline matter how soon convinced a large part of competitors. More than half of them failed to get the barbell in the correct position, or either one, or just once. A big contrast to the performance of David Currently probably the best among amateur strongman (not a problem for David to lift 150 kg or log gear and hit over the head dumbbell 85 kg) 70 kg dumbbell with a little effort, tossing and became the undisputed winner of the discipline with the number 8 reps up to one minute!
The finished tied for second place with 6 repetitions and Michal Other successful were David, George and George - all thanks to 5 valid trials enrolled split points for third place. Super Yoke - carrying 330 kg load The final test of strength, but speed was carrying iron construction at the back - the Super Yoke. The best runner with extreme load 330 kg proved Michal Plum, which took place designated 20 m in just 12.35 seconds. The performance is all the more impressive that Michal the right to during last year's Super Strongest man messed up vertebrae and this discipline made him big problems. Strenuous workout but it made its strongest and defeated the entire starting field! Approximately 3 seconds slower was David with a time 15.47 and after it ended (16.25).

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