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Various power lifting Competitors - Muscle Building Program Review

In short pause, in which some viewers in the audience came to compete and try to see who keeps outstretched longer 12 kg kettle bell heavy (iron ball with a handle) Competitors were able to add liquid to swallow a few pieces of fruit or other snacks and could return on the set, where they prepared yet diligent loader 400 kg (as was written in the rules, but many of her estimated at 450 to 500 kg) tire. This "piece" was also very "chunky" - a smaller diameter and a width indicated that it will not so easy to get this tire to the stage where it can no longer easily tip over. http://www.muscleseek.com/
The task was a time limit of 60 seconds to perform as fast as four turns, but several competitors with it unfortunately did not manage to get off the ground, eventually it within the time limit overturned only two or three times. However, to find a number of guys who have a "steep" tire advice very well, so again a fight for every second. Unrivaled conqueror 400 kg rubber became prints that showed precise technique coupled with exceptional dynamics and power of a 4 turn mastered in just 20.94 seconds. Not far behind Michal finished with a time of 27.53 and scored points for second place. Mentioned fight for second occurred on the third - 5th place - the names and times of the competitors will tell: Jan (31,99), Michal S (33.15), David (33.82). Dumbbell Lift - lift 70 kg dumbbells The penultimate discipline that organizers had prepared for strongmen, lift the dumbbells from the country above his head cocked to the arm.

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