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What is an impressive performance in lifting - Muscle Building Program

George showed an impressive performance (5 reps) and Jan (6 repetitions). King of the discipline became David and Michal who both managed 7 reps Which is a time limit of 60 seconds is really an achievement worthy winner. Interestingly, sparking concerns about the contestant's health was moving gear style "over the " by David Jana, which will soon see the video. Fortunately, the unconventional style of David witnessed and walked around without injury.http://www.muscleseek.com/

 Farmer's Walk - carrying 110 kg and 155 kg of luggage Traditional discipline to carry weight in the style of "shopping bags" with a weight of over 100 kg there is almost no competition. This time waiting for the racers 2 sets of luggage The 110 kg lighter and heavier over 155 kg The lighter was necessary to pass 20 mass those heavier 10 m set 155kilosuitcases were lined with delight as they handle luggage was really low, so off the ground total of 310 kg and was put into motion the easiest task. Of the 17 strong men with only seven managed to bring suitcases along both routes and so completely finish this combination. Among the best battle broke out lined every second, as seen from the performance of George Dermal (21.62), George prints (21,25) and Jana (20,22). It's probably not a surprise performance by Michal who seemed born to run with a heavy weight in each hand. His performance - first 20 meters to 220 kg in the hands of + 10 m with 310 kg in just 18.84 seconds - a truly fantastic and a full complement of 17 points really deserved.

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