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Championship in strongman amateurs - Muscle Building Program Review

Championship in strongman amateurs Saturday, 17 August waited a few hours in the afternoon before the Olympia shopping center in assembly of seventeen amateur strongman hot piece of parking Which is at the corner slowly began to perform massive pieces tools and other heavy objects. The fairness of the race came to take care Ham in the role of referee and took with him several experienced team members who helped to ensure the smooth running of the competition. After the racers gathered together properly greeted and exchanged a few words, went to warm up to the race.http://www.muscleseek.com/

 Exactly at the scheduled time of 15 hours, everything was ready and the Championship of the United States strongman amateurs could begin. Competitors therefore time to fight for the title of champion of the Czech Republic amateurs, so the more valuable points for the series Bohemian Strongman Cup 2013. Axle Lift - lift 120 kilograms gear Starting discipline was a massive stroke gear, or if you want the axle on which it was loaded 120 kg. Five inches thick and smooth axis certainly examines many a brute force property racers. According axis parameters and the course looked disciplines where the transfer axis on the chest and subsequent extrusion into the hands literally suck the energy out of quite a lot of competitors. Several of them are prescribed Axle for 60 seconds or failed to overcome once and most ended at 3 reps. A little better on were Michal Plum and SIRŮČKA, who both scored 11 points for 4 valid repetition.

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