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Keep improving in power lifting and strongman - Muscle Building Program

Keep improving and see great performances certainly performed by Slovak athletes he Ukrainian professional or Austrian Gerald The motivation for competitors, as in previous years also unusually high financial premium. Traditionally get the chance to compete for valuable prizes spectator disciplines and interested audience, in the category of men, women and children. Promoter annually changing competitive disciplines and also adds new pieces of competitive equipment. After the giant a massive gear this year will be a discipline that at the end of the competition will squeeze the last remnants of the competitors will test their strength and fitness and resistance to fatigue. http://www.muscleseek.com/

What is this in Teplice, you can look forward to? Competitive events: Axle Lift - Lifting gear for maximum power (120 kg to 10 kg above) Farmer's Walk - carrying 170 kg of luggage at a maximum distance Tire Flip + Stone Lift - flipping tires 450 kg + 200 kg lift a stone pedestal Power Stairs - stroke 200, 240 and 280 kg weight stairs Truck Pull - attracting 8.5 t truck sitting Medley - carrying 90 kg wheels, 120 kg and 170 kg drum of the Iron Cross Long time and Slovak's most successful competitor brace cast and Endeavor injury that it was accompanied by a few months, ninth place. Thanks to the whole organizing team competition director and VATAHA, mayor of Michigan, under whose auspices the competition took place.

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