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The world’s strongest man - Bodybuilding Program

The world’s strongest man Power lifting and Strongman We invite all fans of extreme strength feats on competition Strongest man 2013, which as in previous years, you will see the biggest and strongest strongman from the Czech Republic but also top athletes from Slovakia, Austria and Ukraine. Competition will be held on Saturday 14th September, from 14 hours before swimming hall in Teplice This year, however, the competition will take place in a different format than it was in the years 2009 - 2012 when, in the morning of the measured forces and amateur strongman afternoon was dedicated professionals of high performance division. http://www.muscleseek.com/

This year the invited athletes will compete in one open category, and as the organizer of the contest, while the winner of the previous five years Jan has already completed an active competitive career and take the role of a referee this time, we know this year a new winner Teplice Strongest man. Who is a candidate to win? The list of invited riders promises exceptional performance and incredible fights. One of the favorites is definitely experienced strongman Svoboda, whose performances can watch on our server through its training The promise of exceptional performance will name Siam , which this year has demonstrated its extreme static strength, for example, in the Town , where he outsmarted with 270 kg RAW bench-press, or in, where he showed RAW dead lift with 390 kg. Furthermore, the present example, last year's winner of the Czech Cup strongman

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