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. Inflammation of the heart muscle stiffness immune complications prominent spine

Says professor and chair of the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, the stiffness spine, is a rheumatic disease that affects men, by more than the ladies, and the illness usually begins in the second and third decades of life, and leads to the occurrence of pain down back, and these pains are most at idle to movement, such as early morning or after sitting for a long time with pain and improve movement. http://www.muscleseek.com/

Department of Rheumatology that in cases of non-early diagnosis increases inflammation and pain until it reaches the cervical spine, also affect the auricular pelvis and shoulders and, in many cases, when the delayed diagnosis, and the diagnosis is wrong as cartilage in the vertebrae and warranted surgical intervention does not improve the patient's condition. The doctor explains that the immune system disease stiffness of the spine leads to complications to the members of the body such as the occurrence of fibrosis in the lung and infections of the heart muscle and digestive disorders and bowel. Indicates a "fair" that must to diagnose Action rays regular rays ringing on the joints of the spine and pelvis, and there will be signs in the height of inflammation in blood, such as the speed of deposition C-reactive protein, and when you confirm the infection must work sessions Physiotherapy and diligent practice swimming.

 Advised by administration of anti-inflammatory drugs and some drugs that contain sulfa derivatives, in the case of lack of control over the disease is taking some biologic therapies are even control the inflammation and symptoms disappear completely. The doctor recommended patients who suffer from pain in the lower back, and improve with movement and increased comfort pain, should consult with rheumatic Specialist, not a doctor bones or brain nerves, so the diagnosis is not as cartilage and is the surgical procedure.

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