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Causes for the decline of the heart muscle and how to prevent them - Best Muscle Building Program

Spend about 200 thousand people die annually as a result of infection of the heart muscle decline, and developing countries suffer from the spread of this disease is a result of poor medical conditions, or even a lack of interest in the patient's health habits as a result of a lack of culture. A consultant cardiologist, blood vessels, the disease drop heart muscle is the injury caused by a group of disorders, whether an increase or decrease heart rate, causing the infection, and the disease is a chronic disease, and may reach complications of the disease to death. http://www.muscleseek.com/

The average age of those with the disease in 55-year-old patient has been infected with this infection for years without showing any symptoms, although they appear with age, or upon a great physical effort, or exposure to surgery. The symptoms of the infection, as shown in the form of a crisis of breath, and often much of the crisis through the night, as well as fatigue from less effort, in addition to the swelling of the feet, and abdominal pain, and nausea and dizziness, and that the lack of pumping blood to the body's organs. The complications of infection, weakens the heart muscle may amount to angina resulting from the failure of the coronary arteries, plus it displays the patient to the risk of extended stay at the hospital to put under the care and attention, was up to the extent of death, plus it may make it unable to about life in general.

And he said, adding that those who suffer from this disease in some developing countries suffer from poor ordinary life, where represent the environment that surrounds those 60% of their health gets worse, leading to increased complications of the disease, chronic angina, or narrow the coronary arteries. Advised that the treatment of depression myocardial require periodic follow-up and periodic disclosure, especially those over the age of forty, or who have hereditary cases the family, in addition to maintaining adjust blood pressure, and follow the diet program, if the patient is suffering from weight gain, and periodic follow-up If the patient is suffering from a chronic disease such as diabetes, or high-fat, or any bug her influence on the heart muscles sore or people smoking for long periods of time.

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