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Obesity causes hypertrophy of the heart muscle and reduces functions in children - Muscle Building Program Review

There is no doubt that obesity is a major threat to the heart and lead to many diseases such as diabetes, pressure, cancer, obesity has become a threat to the health of many children. Obesity has a bad effect on the heart and blood vessels, which cause obesity are some changes in the size and function of the heart muscle, although it does not appear in a clinical at a young age but the effect appears remarkably at an early age in adult life, therefore illustrated the importance of diagnosis and treatment of health problems resulting from obesity at an early age to reduce deaths from heart disease in adults. http://www.muscleseek.com/

The Institute conducted research on the impact of obesity on the heart muscle and functions, and have found that obesity caused inflation in the heart muscle and reduce heart function in obese children, and here it is clear the importance of the discovery of any defect in the heart muscle caused by childhood obesity and weight reduction in obese children with the importance of a guiding lines in the search for the level of fat in the blood and to detect the level of sugar in the blood of obese children.
And must maintain a proper weight of the child through proper nutrition, which require that the family is a good example of a child can through changing the behavior of food by reducing fatty foods full of sugars and simple to reduce food outside the home, such as fast food and eat more fruit and vegetables and habitual child to eat small candy and exercise regularly.

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