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Inflammation of the heart muscle may lead to bloody clot

When the feeling of inflammation of the heart muscle, may feel the individual number of symptoms such as pain is defined in the chest or a sense of the pulse is normal or having pain congestive heart, all this leads to a number of problems with heart. http://www.muscleseek.com/

Explains tourist Specialist heart disease National Institute for the heart, saying: the feeling of inflammation of the heart muscle leads to a number of health problems such as poor power to pump blood and thus the lack of oxygen to the body with the emergence of a number of blood clots in the heart, it follows upon occurrence of a stroke or heart which occur more in men more than women with a swelling in the foot and fatigue year, and was the cause months of this disease is rheumatic fever and viruses: Faulting ultrasound virus that causes the common intestinal influenza virus and rubella virus.
Explains it may become infected individual inflammation of the heart muscle when exposed to chemicals because they contain a number of substances such as hydrocarbons in addition to some medications that cause a reaction called like some antibiotics. refers tourists to the importance of orientation to the doctor when you feel one of the following symptoms the mother of the chest and shortness of breath with the knowledge that there are cases respond to treatment with cortisone and the patient may return to normal life as soon as the decline of the inflammation, but the doctor has advised to avoid excess salt in food, alcohol, smoking and violent activities, thus easing pressure on the heart.

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