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Lower muscles back pain threat to your health - Bodybuilding Program

Lower back pain of the most common diseases, there is no one, whether big or small did not complain in one day of lower back pain, and this is illustrated by advisory bone disease, saying, any of the ten patients come to the clinic bones, including six on at least complain of pain paragraphs, and in spite of the spread of this complaint, but there are quite a few are treated wrongly More details may harm him that will benefit him, and it is due to miss-diagnosis, as we always say, true needed true."   http://www.muscleseek.com/

People with lower back pain usually receive their pain received wrong, some of them receives the symptoms of tension and of great concern and fear of being a serious disease, and detects it is clear that the treatment is very simple, and does not need this much anxiety, by contrast, we find patients careless indifferent, including from pain, the pain may be a warning of the seriousness of the situation and if the neglect continues to be dire consequences. Lower back pain is possible to be suffering severe (i.e., pain sudden severe if it is diagnosed and treated will be cured permanently and without complications, God willing), or chronic (i.e. pain, which back the patient to their existence and coexistence with, and resulting from the problem of the back did not and will not be cured completely but only partially).

Causes of acute pain: "Cramp, slipped disc, inflammation sacroiliac (between the vertebrae and the pubic bone), torn ligaments back, and breaking paragraphs break or chip background paragraphs. Of the causes of chronic pain: inflammation of the joints of the back (roughness paragraphs), backbones, relegating paragraphs, or not to treat any of the causes of acute pain resulting in chronic pain. Must be directed patient once they complain of lower back pain to Specialist bones in the fastest time to be diagnosed the cause of the pain of disease above-mentioned by accurate detection and rays normal (X-ray), and sometimes we need to Magnetic Resonance in order to be cured treatment true.

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