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Exercising physical and mental abilities in the gym -

So I dusted off my sneakers and put on tracksuit home, shirt with a minimal number of holes from moles and went to the nearest banging. Thus, the fitness center, as I soon taught plant operator, who apparently had the same knowledge about exercise as I do. Unlike me, but better opened, which is managed by the addition simper sweetly. However, her professional qualifications, I could not be fooled and I rushed to I remembered that as a lad I lifted 80 pounds and I as a man in full bloom forces did not want to humiliate myself. He loaded there too 80 pounds. I lay down under a tackle emerging pectoral muscle, mobilized all their physical and mental abilities ... and the next thing I do not remember. 

I only know that when I woke up, I had a blue the neck and not necessarily bruised ego. That will not do, I thought, a person in modern information age has gone into an intricate dark corners of the Internet network to gather the facts leading to the manly physique. GVT, HIT, Split, Heavy Duty, frequency, intensity, series, reps, supersets It did not take long for the Anglo-Saxon terms, I moved with grace Ulrich New. But somehow it still was not right.

Bad language claimed that I was lazy as hell, but they were just rumors. I trained smart. Still, I figure I need some motivation increased. Something that would make me kicks. Something ... something like a competition! That's it! I'll go to the competition; it makes me really work hard but when you go to the competition, necessarily need to know the secret.

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