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February 27 2014


Muscular back pain - Bodybuilding Program

The muscles of the abdominal cavity: the core muscle called the abdominal muscles thin: deeper and more accurate muscle, starting from the third side of the Association of inguinal and iliac crest to the lateral lumbar bulge. In other words, these muscles wrapped around the trunk Introduction relate conductive tissue behind the back. Muscles cavity back: muscle core cavity back called a muscle-film containing packages of Diet stringed fill the groove on both sides of the spinal vertebrae (which runs the direction the rear and bottom of the zone contact sheet and its function is to contribute in a muscle ligaments) of area of the deficit to the spinal axis Deep spinal muscles this is a three-piece articulated and working to maintain a balance in the joints of each level.  http://www.muscleseek.com/

 Diaphragm: This muscle there at the forefront of the drum and control the process of breathing, when air flatten this muscle and increase the space at the top to allow air to fill the lungs. When you're withdrawing panels shoulder back and down it works to adjust the spine and increases the effectiveness of the diaphragm. So make sure to contact the core muscles during exhalation. Around your concentration If you do not live a high-impact aerobics, activate the core muscles will make you stronger in the long run, where you will be able to train for longer periods without having to be there is a chance of exposure to infection.

Also, the bodies which increase the density of muscle automatically mean higher metabolism process, so it is by working to build your strength; you are now the first two investigations so you you'll be able to exercise the second and easily burn excess calories. Energy inflows and outflows of energy If you are accustomed to exercise regularly Most probably, you also crave what you eat. But it's time to focus on quality without quantity in your diet. Write down a list of varieties of food and begin to study the items that should be deleted and other items that must be added to get a balanced diet. Make sure you always have your diet containing 50% of vegetables and 25% of fruit and 25% protein and 25% of non-refined carbohydrates

Back pain - Latest Muscle Seek Program Reviews

Are the back problems of the things that cause frustration, especially among people active but does not claim back pain defeat you. In the past, back pain is treated by complete rest, but at the moment the situation is different. May not and are able to exercise your exercise the usual sports, but that does not mean to stop college activity. Perhaps primary care physician tells you that you need to rest and not do activities while it may be stressful for a specialist joint pain and bone another opinion. So you have to follow up with the physiotherapist or specialist joint pain and bone for several sessions. Choose a clinic that specializes in the treatment of sports injuries and back pain. There are many hospitals providing health services especially tailored to the needs of the patient.  http://www.muscleseek.com/

When you go to a specialist Connie smart and try to achieve the bulk of the benefit by revealing, remember that you are you are suffering from back pain, not therapists, Not surprisingly, try to get as much information as possible. The more questions it will save you enough information that enables you to deal with your injury in the best way. Here are some questions that dear may need to put forward during the detection of: What is the specific problem that I suffer and what is the probable cause? How can I prevent this from happening again? I see that you are not advised to exercise Exercises "cardio" - could you be more specific? Do you accept the practice of other types of exercise? What should I do Asana order to speed up recovery? Then write down what the experts and begin planning for the exercise in accordance with the advice obtained.

Work through your action to strengthen your back Whatever the case back it's very important to work on strengthening the core muscles of the back. Learn how to strengthen the muscles of the back can be essential to be more effective as it will help to support your back and prevent exposure to infection again. At first becoming familiar with the muscles of your back; this is a new method to determine the core muscles. Imagine that the spine in the middle of the drum represents the trunk and its four key areas wrap around the spine is supported and protected as follows: Pelvic floor: This is the basis of this phantom drum. Pelvic floor consists of layers of muscle and other tissues. This stretch retinal layers of the coccyx bone from the back to the pubic bone in the front. The pelvic floor supports a woman's bladder, uterus and intestines; passes the urethra, vagina and rectum through the pelvic floor muscles.

Home Five Exercises Firming body muscles - Latest Muscle Seek Program

Fail many of the ladies in attendance to go to the gym because of time constraints and other family obligations. And there is a belief among some women that he must exercise for more than an hour to get good results. This belief is also not true because you can do exercises short for half an hour and you'll get the same results. Here are some exercises dear easy that you can do at home and were chosen to include most of the major muscles in the body. This exercise works to stimulate the muscles of the hip, which is larger in the body and increases the ability to do work that requires strength, such as lifting a chair and house cleaning etc. Stand with feet open space make them in parallel with the shoulders and then the individual arms forward, or put them on top of the hip. http://www.muscleseek.com/

To maintain the integrity of the back with a quadriceps strain pansy knee forward to match the edges of the toes, and the hip is reduced until the thigh parallel to the floor. This exercise moves the middle back muscles at the same time tightens the muscles of the back. Stand with basing on the back wall and then lift the arms and forearms up to become the head and arm straightened facility. Exercise can be doubled by continuing for two minutes or more. This exercise aims to activate the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall as it does the upper stomach muscles than any other exercise. Lie on your back and relieving the head on the hands and then lift the upper part of the body from the ground, taking into account not drag so that the neck injury. After that nationalist bend the right knee angle (45) degrees with the left leg lifted a foot or two feet above the ground and then move the left elbow toward the right knee and vice versa in a manner that simulates driving the bike. This exercise targets the muscles of the thigh and works to activate all the muscles of the lower end of the core, there is no need to repeat it frequently to get the results as it activates the abdominal and back muscles. Way of doing the exercise:

Stand with open little feet until parallel with the hip, then put your hands on the hip or on the chest and progress step forward left foot and lower right knee toward the ground and the preservation of the left knee parallel to the foot, while maintaining the tension of the abdominal wall and chest. Then return to the starting position and repeat it on the other side. Way Exercise: The exercise stress of exercise the most effective and influential in the body, during exercises pressure must raise the entire body to the top is parallel to the floor and then lower it slowly toward the ground, you should do this exercise when the legs in an upright position or be knee ground-based. Should not be bound to the bottom of the chin front is the first part touching the ground, and because of this situation may affect the muscles of the neck because of the intense pressure.

The role of physical therapy after surgery - Best Muscle Building Program

The evolution of medical science, contributed in reducing the suffering of many patients, and through the surgeries, with the advancement of those surgeries there has been some other sciences, which must evolve with it, and that science, physical therapy, why we need physical therapy after surgery. Medicine Consultant orthopedic surgery, and rehabilitation of physical therapy, it is due to the increased average age of humans, become many surgeries of natural things, and deployed, especially change surgery arthritis, and surgery is a change of the knee joint is the most prevalent, due to constant exposure to injuries. http://www.muscleseek.com/

The role of physical therapy is the rehabilitation of the patient for that type of surgery, and the patient needs to qualify sometimes be simple, and in some cases, the long-term. This program is put in the first place, because before surgery suffered body pains are many, because of erosion joints, or tissue between the muscles, which weakens the muscles, and after surgery the body is unusual UFO, so put rehabilitation program aims to train the body to accept the new situation.

Pointed, that this program starts before surgery several weeks as it aims to strengthen the muscles, and the parties either upper or lower, as this helps to speed the healing of the patient after the surgery, he said, adding that the rehabilitation programs aimed at reducing the suffering of the disease, where the length of the period of pain for the patient weakens the muscles, causing difficulty in the consistency of their movement, and lose their natural ability movement.

Drinking coffee in moderation is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the elderly

Revealed a recent scientific study conducted by a team of British researchers that coffee containing caffeine and eating moderately is not excessive in it and is not more than 3 cups a day, may improve muscle strength for the elderly, and enhances the performance, and give it the strength needed to help in the movement and walking and reduce chances of falls and injuries, which often occur at this age. http://www.muscleseek.com/

The study pointed out that the muscles weaken when challenged man's life as a result of changes in physiological many that occur it occurs deterioration in their performance, and therefore recommends that the study everyone, especially the elderly eating foods and drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee, tea, chocolate and soda drinks, especially colas to ensure the enjoyment of the best power and performance muscles. The broadcast of these results in scientific meeting held by the American Society for Experimental Biology in the thirtieth of last month, and recently published a patrol in the World, after a series of experiments and research conducted on mice laboratories.

The researchers said that although the mechanism which works out caffeine is not known, but it remains clear that it helps to stabilize the kinetics of muscle and flexibility and give strength to the movement of walking and practicing various business including working on improving the performance of individuals motor and reinforcement of their forces.

What troubles and problems of the back muscles? - Muscle Building Program For womens

Muscle is an integral part of the back, they are an integral part of him, proving bones of the spine and control their movement in, but what are the problems that can affect them? A professor of sports medicine, that the injury to the back muscles occur in various ways and different, if what slipped detailed sheet bony transverse passages out of line or if slipped a cartilage back the surrounding muscles will make an effort blistering then, where will strive to install the components surrounding and trying to that you repair the damage the incident, but that will not last long and will develop muscle fatigue, diligence, tensile strength and muscle contraction.

The muscles may feel weakness and fatigue and tensile strength, as a result of pressure textures or as a result of any act of repeating over time, the damage occurs also for the muscles when you perform its work without any processing or warm-up and heating, as is the case with athletes, also play a stress- a major role in the occurrence of such injuries. The role played by the muscle is to move the bones hand joints, in order to verify that the fiber bundles of muscle, consisting of the muscles must be able to contract and relax, and if there are any injury to any good super one passage
 the muscles will immediately give support necessary to do the work necessary to strengthen the joint and install the movement in the case to prevent and avoid any other movement, this in the event of damage to the largest, and to achieve that muscles contract and install the injured part a substitute such as fist occurs muscle contraction and during the installation of muscle contraction for the infection, which inflames the region or circle surrounding the injury the pain felt by the harsh, and while shrinking muscles strongly the amount of oxygen and energy to the hyphen, of course, at least as a result of this contraction.

Advantage of the direct advice - Muscle Building Program Reviews

There is also a specialist in sports nutrition can communicate with them and take advantage of the direct advice. Exercises for Men I read an article about the exercises for men, they are useful to control urination and sexual practice, is this true? This is a summary Inquiry presented the article that talked about the exercises to the man and found it useful. Illustrate, the exercises are exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lower basin, which functions to strengthen the work of controlling the output of the bladder and waste output, also strengthens the muscles of that area during the performance of the man the citizenship process. 

There are several factors that weaken the muscles of the lower basin, have been experienced by men and women alike, leading to poor control urination or lack of success in emptying the contents of the bladder of urine or the contents of the rectum of waste, and perhaps also cause erectile dysfunction. And one of us feel the muscle components of the bottom of the tub through the use of one of us during certain conditions, specifically during the stop urinating after starting it, any retention urine flow after starting in the output of urine, or through the muscles used by one of us to prevent the output of greenhouse abdomen. These are the muscles that you use to do these two processes are intended muscles, and these muscles tighten when we feel it. And then pulling those muscles constituent bottom of the tub and kept screwing this for a few seconds, then relax. He repeated this simple exercise without stress a couple of times. Then after a period of performance of this exercise lying on your back, start the exercise, and you are sitting, and then after a March workout as you walk. And required to repeat this exercise, consisting of three times to flatten and relax, about ten times a day. The note will benefit after about six weeks, and there become a daily practice of exercises that simple. Domestic air purifier Are there useful for purifying room air from the effects of cigarette smoke?

 This is a summary message stating that you need to purify the air due to the continuing domestic husband in the habit of smoking inside the house and your eagerness not to hurt your children through the use of this device is able to purify the air from the effects of smoke. In shops selling electrical appliances multiple types specifically for this purpose, but for the purification of cigarette smoke, it is relatively difficult, in the sense that there are bodies of functions purify the air, as well as there are air conditioning is characterized by the capabilities of the air intake and replaced, but they often are not prepared to do to remove particles The chemicals contaminated and found in cigarette smoke efficiently unreliable. And I've search on the topic did not find the truth of what can be said to your air filter is capable of removing all remnants of contaminants that are found in cigarette smoke, and so the solution is not to smoke inside the house and explaining to your spouse this fact.

Basis of health in the exercise - Muscle Building Program Review

This is a summary of your message by stating that you exercise jogging years ago, and that you have developed from your powers of endurance in the practice of the sport, and it helped a lot in the weight loss and the liquidation of the mind, and was asked about nutrition tips that enable you to practice this sport without damaging your body and without the return The increase in body weight also as you have in the past. The basis of health in the exercise of such types of sport is to develop a program of exercise includes time, duration and note the interaction of your body with it and take note of any complaint of pain in the joints or chest or shortness of breath and attention to the process of warming up to be included in doing effort physical and gradient also when you stop.

 Attention to nutrition is another important, and the system is intended to usual daily diet, as well as the nutrition program in times of sport marathon. And outs of daily nutrition tips to include the usual concern for the intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, and eating red meat twice a week, as well as fish twice a week and take care to stay away from animal fats and selection of dairy-free or low-fat. In case you are interested in the practice of sports activities, special for example, it is important to attention next to the body to provide the necessary help to do exercises on the sport and what it takes to participate in the body if the competitors for sports participation and achievement you feel good. And to exercise daily for an hour, for example, are advised to provide worthwhile body fluids and provide the body with adequate food. At the side of the fluid, it is important in order not to get a state of drought has been caused by the body if the quantities of liquids exert physical effort. Before the start of the exercise sure to eat an adequate amount of water, and after it is completed compensate the lack of the body, any measure body weight before and after the completion of the exercise, and all decreases by about half a kilogram compensated by drinking about a liter of water approx. In the food side, the focus is on providing the body starches to sugar as a source of fuel for muscle action, and the greater the duration of operation of the muscles, the greater the need for fuel.

Examples of food products that contain them: preparing fruits and foods of wheat grains such as bread, rice, and starchy vegetables beans and potatoes, as well as milk and yogurt. So before the start of the exercise, a snack rich in carbohydrates and during a workout drink fruit juice or a slice of toast or any sports drinks rich in carbohydrates. After the completion of the exercise, drink fluids rich in carbohydrates and protein to compensate for the lack of energy reserves in the muscles.

Exercises daily to get rid of lower back pain - Muscle Building Program

Start doing exercise. Muscles may be the most powerful and flexible less susceptible to pain. Considered exercise described above serves as the beginning of the traditional steps. Ask your doctor for advice on what exercises you can do to practice and repetition rate. It is ideal that doing exercise on a daily basis. The studies that have been made so far do not specify a particular kind of exercise or level of exercise is going to work better than others in preventing the incidence of lower back pain. However, those who engage in regular exercise, compared with others who do not do that, have a lower frequency of low back pain over time. Yoga exercises give simple yoga exercises a degree of hope for people with lower back pain.

In yoga, you set your body in a certain position for short periods. This removes muscle tension and expands the range of motion in the joints, and strengthens muscles. But take care: Rapid economic muscles and joints for long-distance and very quickly can lead to injuries. If you have a history of lower back pain, do not begin to practice yoga exercises before clarifying it to your doctor, and then collaborate with an experienced coach familiar with the situation back. Regardless of the type of exercise that experience lower back pain, you have to deal with it as an experiment has a specific goal, who says: «practice this type of exercise, such as yoga, does not require a year. But the attempt is good ».

Three Exercises can help extend and strengthen the muscles in preventing the occurrence of acute pain associated with the back joints. Do these three exercises a day after a lull bout lower back pain and your doctor to make sure of being safe. Exercise slowly and stop when you feel pain. The first exercise: Start bend your knees, and then drag one of your knees toward your chest, and keep on a tide for 5 to 10 seconds. Turning to the second knee; repeat 5 to 10 times. Exercise Two: Start bend your knees toward your chest and, tide, and maintained for 5 to 10 seconds. Exercise prepared from 5 to 10 times. Exercise Three: Start bend your knees, and make your lower back in a flat bed or off the floor. Keep your back flat for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Exercises daily for the prevention of lower back pain

The practice exercises D (stretch) muscles stretching and strengthening daily best steps that can be taken to delay the seizure of the following lower back pain. When raging case of lower back pain, do not most men be able to do anything other than the instrument on their teeth or search for a cure cold to relieve pain and waiting for the situation has improved. And suffered four out of every five of us from lower back pain at some point in their lives, but this is a common source of suffering is an opportunity for treatment as well.Calisthenics «The case of acute low back pain is considered as an invitation to take the first steps for those who are not accustomed to exercise regularly», this is what it says Dr. Jeffrey Katz, a professor of orthopedic surgery and medicine at Harvard Medical School. http://www.muscleseek.com/

He adds: «It is a perfect time to pledge exercising, when you start to feel a relative improvement - especially in a few weeks». It is important here to understand that it is not guaranteed that exercise eases lower back pain you are experiencing. But despite that, the exercise may reduce the times of occurrence. Dr. Katz says: «Maybe at least have the possibilities of worsening lower back pain over the following years». But in the case of whether the pain is caused by a problem in the spine, then you should be very careful in the exercise.One of the most common signs of infection associated with the problem of the spine in «sciatic nerve pain» or «sciatica» (Sciatica), and pain that extends from the lower back to the leg. The pain may be accompanied by a sense of «tingling screws and pins». If you have sciatica sweat, do not start a new exercise program without consulting a doctor. Signal risk in limited cases, it may be lower back pain «danger signal» portends the need to take a medical procedure immediately, in the event that none of the pain of the following forms:

 Pain in the lower back is accompanied by fever Pain is not getting better or getting worse Numbness in the thigh Loss of control over bladder or bowel Weakness of the leg muscles Inability to take out a sitting or sleeping comfortably at times feeling the pain of the lower back When can I start exercising? Bedding for an extended period is not something useful in periods of peak lower back pain, but you should not rush similarly in practice exercises to extend and strengthen the muscles, according to the research. «If I suffered a bout of pain at the bottom of the back and tried to exercise the next day, it would not be useful». Instead, you have to continue your daily activities as soon as possible, but avoid lifting heavy weights and participate in physical activities receive a sudden pressure on your back, such as jogging or ice cliff.

February 26 2014


Building up flat muscles - Muscle Building Program

Muscular intercostals (intercostals muscles) are small filling the intercostals muscles. Consists of three layers: muscular intercostals external (touch), internal (exhalation) and Into (exhalation). Innervations: nun. Intercostals. Muscular subtotals are again between the ribs. Functions and innervations as mm. intercostals internal and into. Muscles transverses thoraces (transverse thoracic muscle) located on the inner side of the sternum is a flat muscle. http://www.muscleseek.com/

As a fan accelerates the medial part of the second to sixth ribs Auxiliary expiratory muscle innervate him nun. Intercostals And that's all for today. In case you did not know some terms, try article Anatomy - Introduction (link a bit below related article), if that does not work, the discussion below this article is for you. If you are not sure of some words, try to refresh your memory in the initial part of the series.

 Motor units It is the name for a group of muscle fibers that are innervated by a single motor nerve (moot neurons). One motor nerve innervates the muscle to several thousand fibers, which thus form a separate motor unit. Moto neurons reach the muscle and nerve impulse triggering a chain reaction leading to muscle contraction. The function of the muscle - muscle contraction and everything about it (mechanism, types, force of contraction, transmission of impulses, innervations, motor disc, etc.) more closer in another article, as well as the distribution of muscle fibers according to their properties.

Info about the chest muscles - Latest Muscle Seek Program Reviews

Stroke chest to the arm (e.g. climbing), rises ribs - auxiliary aspiratory muscle. Innervated by the way nun pectorals (laterals et medial is). Top participates in the test movement - horizontal adduction, flexion function clavicle portion is evident when moving up and down (about 10 cm range) stretched-leg. Muscles pectoral is minor (small pectoral muscle) is a large indoor. It starts at the front 3 to 5 rib and attaches to the (part of the blade protruding forward). Pulls scapula forward and downward with respect shoulder joint forward, therefore, to the position of flexion of the shoulder joint If the fixed upper limb girdle helps in the cast Is innervated by n pectoral is medial’s. http://www.muscleseek.com/

Muscles muscle is a tiny muscle goes from the bottom of the first clavicle rib. It extends caudally collarbone. Muscles serrate anterior (front saw tooth muscle) begins nine teeth on the 1 to 9 rib goes under the shoulder blade and attaches to the medial edge (i.e., at the edge of the spine). Function: holding a shovel in his chest and pulling it dials the outside.

When the polio blade protrudes (as a winger) Just dial the outside of the blade is a necessity for the ability of upper limb abduction above the horizontal. This movement has already made must also attend a scoop, not only movement in the shoulder joint itself. When fixed blade helps Stroke ribs - auxiliary aspiratory muscle. Innervate him n thoracic us long us. Autochthonous chest muscles

The muscles of the chest - Latest Muscle Seek Program

The muscles of the chest Do chest muscle is one of two muscle groups, divided according to their origin. Muscles in the surface layer, which are the origin of limb and expand their beginnings to the chest and autochthonous chest muscles (own chest muscles) below. The muscles of the chest, due to its location still assign the diaphragm (diaphragm). Muscles Muscles pectoral is major (the large muscle pectoral) , according to its beginning is usually divided into three parts: the pars (starting on the medial side of clavicle), pars (sternum and adjacent parts of the first 6 ribs) and pars abdominals (the rectus abdominal muscle sheath ).  http://www.muscleseek.com/

It accepts the homers (crystal Majors tubercle of the homers). The insertion of the tendon of each of the cross, so that the uppermost clavicle portion of the muscle attaches to the homers and the lowest front and abdominal portion of the maximum and back (as if you squeeze clothes ...
or someone else: Functionally, a distinction also by its parts, i.e. by storing muscle fibers: Clavicle - helps with flexi arm and keeps it in her other two arm (i.e., attracting the body of her stretched out) and rotate it to the internal rotation when the arm the external rotation (due to "rewind as spin": o)). Likewise, acting muscle when the arm is fixed, but varies thus hull: adduction of the arm

Working tricky muscle groups - Best Muscle Building Program

As an example, we serve M. biceps brachia. When flexion is more mobile parts of the forearm (not arm), therefore we consider the insertion end of the muscle of the radius. Another example is major. The tendon attaches to the hummers. The beginning is a less active site, therefore, to put it simply, in the torso area. The moving parts of the arm That's what I've covered the most important answer to the question of how it looks muscle that you could see if you should be visited at autopsy. Who would ever want to try the their life looking at the remains of parts of the human body and especially your sense of smell, which probably disappoint excursion had not organized. http://www.muscleseek.com/

 But I think that would be enough to get hold of a friend who attends the practical exercises of this kind. In the next article we will look at muscle building more detail from the perspective of the microscope: what form the muscle as a whole and what is needed to feed you to them then they can be proud Continued on the medial side of the knee, below which is fastened to the inside and back of the tibia.

We face the only muscles located on the lower leg and thus our series ends... If you miss some more muscles (someone voted for pelvic floor: o)) and would like to add it (I think lyrically, not your body really cannot handle except to the pelvic floor:, just write me. Likewise, in the case of proposals of other topics that would interest you.

About muscle coordination - Muscle Building Program For womens

The correct interplay of all the muscles involved in the final movement is called muscle coordination. Other concepts are postural (antigravity) muscles. By persistently elevated tone maintain an upright posture (you will not slide to the ground, such as loss of muscle tone during fainting). The muscle tone is the resting tension in the muscles which still remain - maintains the correct position of the joints and body parts (that need to head in the hole joint). http://www.muscleseek.com/

Tonus sleep decreases (which is one reason why you standing too long Napoli). Macroscopic muscle building The skeletal muscle can be distinguished functional parts: Start (origami) Muscle head (caput muscular) Muscle belly (Venter muscular), which is the widest part of the contractile muscle (the ability to beat) Insertion of the muscle (insertion) - the place where the tendon attaches the muscle (tendon muscular), which is a tough connective tissue that connects muscle to bone. You can also meet with name, which stands for flat tendon.

Tendons are very strong, can carry 6-10 kg to 1 mm square cross-section. The whole muscle is still allocate the necessary authorities for food, ie blood vessels and nerves, which is abundantly interwoven muscle. If you are not sure how to start distinguish insertion of a muscle, and then you should know that for insertion is usually considered a place agile.

Fun with muscle building - Muscle Building Program Review

About them, but we have fun today The whole system is controlled from the CNS (central nervous system - the brain and spinal cord) through the nerves leading to the periphery of the individual muscles. Skeletal muscles The most common resolution muscles, with which you can encounter is by function, shape, or the relationship between the muscles themselves. According function (movement type) which muscles perform the individual segments (e.g. parts of the limbs), the muscle groups and individual muscles can generally be called flexors, extensors, abductors, adductors, etc.  http://www.muscleseek.com/

As a further example is the biceps brachia as a flexor (flexor) and against him triceps brachia as extensor (extensor) elbow - more on this issue, see the article Anatomy - Introduction Shapes muscles are very diverse. There are muscles round, bursiform (biceps, triceps, quadriceps), flat muscles (e.g. the trunk), circular (e.g. around sphincters), etc. According to the relationship between muscle differentiate agonist (performing the movement) and antagonist (acts against that motion) - the movement depends on the interplay of these muscles (i.e. biceps to triceps).
Synergists takes part in a given motion (for example, the biceps is synergists). Muscles stabilizing (locking) allow the movement in that reinforce other body parts, which are stationary. Muscles neutralizing its cancels unwanted directions of movements in the muscles that have to be dual function (e.g. biceps brachia - pronto and allow flexion of the elbow without which is another component of the function of the biceps).

Macroscopic muscle building - Muscle Building Program

Macroscopic muscle building The following series of articles is prepared just for those of you who want to become familiar with the building of human muscle as such, i.e. not only look at them in the mirror as well grow externally, but also know how to muscle looks at what principle works, what it can hurt more to protect him from unnecessary damage, etc. Today we begin to look a little "more distant" macroscopic view.  http://www.muscleseek.com/

Musculoskeletal In the body occurs around 600 muscles, most of them are paired and indicates that occupy 40-50% of the total body weight for a trained individual . Otherwise, this figure may drop to 30%. For men is normally 36% and women 32%. Of the total muscle accounts for about 55% weight on the leg muscles, around 30% of the weight of the upper limbs and about 15% of the head and torso. Muscle consists of about 70% water and about 20% is protein, the remainder of the muscle is enhanced amounts of other substances (such as various forms of, lipids, etc.).
The actual physical system consists of a passive apparatus - bones (skeleton), which adds momentum active apparatus - the muscular system. It is based on striated muscles, which can control the contraction will. Other types of muscle cardiac muscle and smooth muscle It is part of the wall above all the internal organs and blood vessels (not subject to the will and is controlled by the autonomic (vegetative) nervous system).

Internal abdominal oblique muscle - Bodybuilding Program

Starts with the last eight ribs (five teeth alternate’s beginnings Serrate anterior and three more starts last Doris) and clamped mainly through in lineal alba. When bilateral contraction of the rectus abdominals Synergist, when unilateral action bows on the side of the spine and muscle rotates in the opposite direction. Participates in abdominal straining Muscles oblique intern us abdominals (internal abdominal oblique muscle) is the middle layer of the lateral abdominal wall muscles. From the very beginning of the fascia and back from hip bone to the fantail fibers diverge forward.

Moving in which cleaves in two sheets forming the front and rear rectus sheath and clamped to the linear alba. Part of the muscle is still clamped in the last three ribs. The function is similar to the but performs rotation of the torso to the side of the muscle. Transverse abdominal muscle) produces the deepest layer. It starts on the 7th - 12th rib, back and iliac fascia. Bundles run like a belt around the abdomen and moving in which forms the posterior part of the vagina rectus and attaches to the linear alba.
 Muscle participating abdominal straining and abdominal respiratory movements and rotation of the torso Dorsal muscles Square lumbar muscle starts at the hip bone, leading in depth at the back of the abdominal cavity along the spine and ends on the 12th rib. For two-sided action tilts lumbar spine and unilateral bowing her. Furthermore, his fixation on the 12th ribs allows the contraction of the diaphragm. Other muscles of this group are superior

February 25 2014


Long-term implementation of aerobic - Latest Muscle Seek Program

How many women "carry" you've been looking for months did the run or freak out on a bike or elliptical trainer? And how their character changed? Minimal or no ... The problem is that long-term implementation of aerobic activity results in muscle breakdown rather than nasty fat. So after hours and months of misery in the cardio zone are still droopy ass and a reluctance to continue to exercise and weight loss - "But why?" After all, just look at how they look, what they run marathons. http://www.muscleseek.com/

Bones, tendons and skin - A second problem is that the organism is able to adapt. When you started with running, could you maybe a mile and have already accessed the language. But a few weeks later you have already given a few lines down the runway or 20 minutes on the belt without blinking and weight loss has slowed significantly, right? It has been a decline in both the beginning. Therefore, it is appropriate and even desirable to include the strength training. Because muscles are also body and its functioning need energy.
Thus, a simple equation - the more muscle, the more energy consumed even when not exercising now, it spots. Your metabolism speeds up. Reward you in addition to significantly strengthen health and immunity will slim waist, nicely molded arms and legs and a beautifully round buttocks.

Using dumbbells while exercising - Muscle Seek Program

I admit, I bought a lot of exercise equipment that after two weeks of the month ended up under the bed. Similarly, bicycle, well-known and widespread overpriced hanger things ;) Of course, by way of exception, people who exercise regularly at home can have my great admiration. Anyway, it's convenient but, do not worry about how you look at exercise is not what it used to be. And nowadays the Internet is available thousands of videos and home fitness programs, which can help you to practice.  http://www.muscleseek.com/

I'm inclined to the gym but if dumbbells. Baby Dread Now! Use dumbbells while exercising does not mean that the next day after a workout as you wake up with muscles bodybuilder. For this we women just do not have the genes and hormones unfortunately for some someone. Do you know what time and what weight would have to be lifted to give you increased biceps, back and thighs? For a few kilo dumbbells is definitely not. It also would be radically adapted diet to facilitate muscle growth.
So relax - if you do not want big muscles and not specifically to work on them, do not worry "unfeminine" look. The only thing that will happen is beautifully shaped female figure with curves in the right places. But unfortunately, the girls between dumbbells had seen only rarely. There is still a trend, and not just between us girls, that women dumbbell in your hand does not, so let climbs on the belt or elliptical, and working to redemption. But it is stupid.
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